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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18 - Lisa's Musings on (dog show day two) and Every Day Life

I won't keep you in suspense.

No group placements today.

In fact, we didn't even get a second look from either of the judges in the Gun Group ring.

But ya know what? It's fine because I got to spend the day with little Driver today. Just the two of us.

and If it's possible to love my young dog more today than yesterday, I do.

He showed so well and I'm so proud of him.

And he even had a surprise "fan" arrive at the show to watch him today.

You see, other than me, Becca is his favorite person in the whole world.

And, truth be told, sometimes, I think he likes her better than he does me -- but that's because he doesn't get to see her all that often.

He likes my friend, Nancy, too, but he sees her more often, so she's not as cool.

But Driver adores Becca.

And that was probably the highlight of his day -- it set his little Toller world on full-out, tail-wagging euphoria.

Sure, Driver made lots of new friends this weekend -- he loves all dogs and all people -- but we both enjoy spending time with Becca.

UKC dog shows, like agility shows, involve a lot of hurry up (to get there and set up )and wait(for your time to show).

And wait. And wait. And wait.

This weekend was no different.

Maybe that's why I saw a lot of long faces and even some bad sports today when their dog didn't win.

Conformation is a beauty contest, folks, and even though dogs are judged against each other based on their standard of perfection, it's still a very subjective sport.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- in this case, the judge.

So I tell my students that if you're going to show your dogs, no matter what happens in the ring, you have to love your pet as much when you leave the ring as you did when you entered it.

And, if you can't do that, then don't show.

When winning (or losing) a dog competition is more important than the time you spend with your furry pet, it's time to get back to the reason you got the dog in the first place.

Driver, or any dog, cat, horse, ferret, rabbit, the list goes on -- doesn't care if he wins or loses. Or if he gets a ribbon or not. Or even what color it is because of course, dogs don't see in color.

What Driver wants is to see me smile at him and tell him he's a good boy.

And get a treat. Or 10.

He wants to please me and that's exactly what he does -- everyday.

At home or at a show site.

Yes, he's a show dog, but he's my pet first.

And I'm a very proud pet owner every day.

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