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Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17 - Lisa's Musings (on today's dog show) and Every Day Life

It was a Day Off and a Dog Show Day Saturday.

The best kind of day except for the getting up at 6 a.m. part, getting to the show site by 7:30 a.m. part, and then the not showing until 2 p.m. part.

But, that's a UKC dog show for you.

I relaxed a bit, finished a really good book, meet some very nice people and had a good time.

Driver was the only one of his breed so once again, we needed a group placement and, well, we were (-) close.

In the first of two shows, in a huge gun dog group, and despite some puppy behavior, the judge placed us fifth.

When she pointed to us, we raced behind the other dogs she'd pulled out of the 20 or so dogs in the line-up.

Then I started counting ... one, two, three, four ... rats ... we were No. 5.

Which is kinda like kissing your brother (or sister) depending on whether you're a girl or a boy reader.

But, it was a nice show of support for the young guy and the judge's way of saying she liked him, just not as much as the four dogs in front of us.

So, we'll put her name in the judge that likes us book and show to her again some day in the future.

In the second show, we didn't even get a sniff ... but, that's the way the dog show cookie crumbles.

So, we'll head to bed soon and dream of better placements to come.

Maybe tomorrow.

We have two more shots at it.

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