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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13 - Lisa's Musings (on meeting fun people) and Every Day Life

As a reporter, I meet a lot of people.

And I mean a LOT of people.

Pretty much on a daily basis and today was no exception.

This morning, I had the chance to meet a new business owner in Ann Arbor named Jesse Hernandez, who just three weeks ago, opened 1st Stop Auto near the corner of Main and Depot in Ann Arbor.

It's an auto repair shop where he employs two mechanics -- Mike Skalski and Carlos Carnica.

I don't want to give away the story, because it won't be published until next week, but the guys are working on something really cool in the auto repair shop behind Van Winkle Mattress Company.

Hernandez says he, Mike, and Carlos, all state certified mechanics, will take on any auto repair project, and are offering a special $14.95 oil change.

He says he got involved in the business 10 years ago and moved his shop from Detroit to Ann Arbor.

Oh yeah, the guys will work on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

His father got him into the business, Hernandez says, while admitting that "I just like fixing stuff."

I admit, I don't know the first thing about auto repairs, but if his personality is any indication of his ability to fix a car, I have a really good feeling that anyone who brings a vehicle to this new business will drive away thrilled -- not only at the cost of the work, but also the whole experience.

I hope if you need any auto repairs done, you'll give Hernandez a call. He can be reached at 734-302-4277.

And, tell him that Lisa sent you.

I don't normally write this kind of testimonial in my blog, but I was really taken by Hernandez.

He was, quite simply, a super nice guy.

I like meeting these kind of people.

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