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Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12 -- Lisa's Musings (on NOTM) and Every Day Life

There are Monday's and there are Monday's.

Some good; some bad.

Some with Ann Arbor Council meetings; some not.

Today is a "not" kinda Monday, as in Not on this Monday ... oh, wait, that would be "NOTM."

As in ... there is no Ann Arbor Council meeting tonight.

Ah, a blessed NOTM Monday.

I worked all weekend so I could enjoy this NOTM before I head out on what should be a really fun assignment tonight.

Yes, I'm still working tonight, but it's gonna be a fun kind of working.

Three-time Newbery Honor winner Gary Paulsen is in town at Nicola's Books and I spent most of the day reading "Woods Runner," one of his recently released young adult titles.

He'll also be signing copies of "Lawn Boy Returns," which was published at the end of March.

Paulsen has about 200 titles to his credit, and based on the two books I read, if you are the parent of a young teenage boy, he'd be an author I'd recommend.

So, I'll be heading to the book store soon and I'm fairly confident that I'll be home in time to catch the end of "Dancing With the Stars" and all of "Castle".

Then it would be a really, really, really good NOTM.

And, of course, you'll be able to read about Paulsen's visit in A2 Journal next week, sooner on

Next Monday will be one of those Monday's, but I'm not dwelling on this today.

I'm having too much fun enjoying NOTM.

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