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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29 - Lisa's Musings (on Kiwanis Crazy Hat Day) and Every Day Life

Who among you doesn't love a fun hat?

Welcome to Crazy Hat Day at the Ann Arbor Downtown Kiwanis Club.

Today, I was invited to the club's lunch meeting by member Kathy Griswold (in the hat with peep's hanging off of it) and I certainly couldn't pass up the chance to wear one of my own. I thought about wearing my special Farm Bureau Ag crown, but decided to go a bit more conservatively.

And to be in a room with almost 100 different people -- all wearing hats, now that's the way to spend a few hours on a Monday afternoon.

And most weren't just any old hats, either, they were Crazy Hats.

I took so many great photos, I couldn't wait to share some of them, even if the story won't run until next Thursday.

So, forget fish stories, (although there were a few), most of these hats had amazing happy and fun personal stories attached to them, which I'll have to wait to share.

Let me tell you, with a start like this, I can tell already, it's gonna be a great week.

Even if I should have worn the tiara.

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