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Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27 - Lisa's Musings (on Easter Egg Scrambles) and Every Day Life

There's nothing like standing in a confined space with plastic Easter eggs near your feet and having hundreds of young children race down a hill at you.

Today was my first Jaycees' Easter Egg Scramble at Veteran's Park.

As I stood at the bottom of that hill watching more and more eager children (up to age 4) stack up at the top with their parents, I questioned whether this was the best place to position myself.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

And when more and more children and adults began lining up along the side of the hill directly opposite me, I wondered if I'd survive the Easter egg rush.

Happily, I did.

And, hopefully, I was able to catch it on video.

I know I got some amazing photos, some of which are posted above.

Some days are awesome photo days and this was one of them

So I had to share.

But let me tell you, standing down hill from an army of egg scramblers -- even if they were half my size -- isn't for the meek.

I chose the area for the smallest scramblers, figuring that was my best bet.

But when that magical "Go," was heard, I watched through a Flipcam.

And I stood my ground.

For as long as I could, anyway, when there were eggs under my feet.

Then I scrambled away.

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