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Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19 - Lisa's Musings (on dreaming big) and Every Day Life

Third-grade students at Haisley Elementary were given an opportunity to talk face to face with two U-M football players today.

It's an opportunity that most kids (or adults) aren't afforded, and they can thank their teacher Janet Popper for realizing the impact that student athletes have on young kids.

Like it or not, U of M football players Floyd Simmons, a defensive back (in gray shirt) and Vladimir Emilien (in blue), a safety, have become role models for 23 young minds.

And if today's book reading and personal discussions between the students and the football players is any indication of the character of these players, I was impressed.

Simmons and Emilien answered all the kid's questions and listened to their stories, always offering positive advice.

Then after the event -- both were kind enough to let me videotape their impressions.

I won't give away what they had to say -- you'll have to see for yourself in a day or so, by going to, and clicking on videos at the top of the page.

All in all, it was a very cool experience for both the players and the third graders.

I must admit, however, it left me a little sad.

If my dad were still alive, (he died last June) I know he'd have loved to have tagged along with me today -- as he did on so many stories.

He played for U-M in the '40s and loved to talk to the current players about what it was like to play for U of M way back when.

And, in turn, they seemed to enjoy hearing his stories.

It's a big football fraternity, I'm told, and I hope it continues in heaven.

I wonder if he's discussed the night game that U-M will play against Notre Dame in 2011 with Fritz, Bo and Woody.

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