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Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 - Lisa's Musings (on a bat) and every day life

One of three things has happened to me.

1. There are bats in my belfry

2. There's an actual bat in my house and it's hiding or

3. There was a bat/bird-like creature in my basement and it's left the building.

Let me flashback here. (Film and video terminology can be interchanged, right? I'm new to this stuff as you know.)

I came home last night after midnight -- following a very long day that began at 6:30 a.m.

I'll let you do the math.

The two dogs and I headed into the basement so they could do "their thing" in the large fenced-in dog yard.

As always, I left open the door, so they could come back in when they were done doing whatever they needed to do after I'd been gone for six hours.

Meanwhile, I was doing "my thing" in the the bathroom downstairs with the door open, and, I SWEAR I saw the shadow of a flying bird-like creature on the basement wall.

It was a silhouette of a gliding flying bird. I watched the shadow fly by, swooping around, and fly by again.

There was something effortless about its flight.

Since most self-respecting small birds are sleeping somewhere in the trees at night, I think it was a bat.

Downstairs, some of the light bulbs need replacing, so I couldn't see what, exactly, was flying around. Note to self: Change the darn burned out blubs.

But this thing glided around -- like a bird of prey floating on air currents.

Or a bat.

It wasn't the normal flight pattern of a boring bird that when it finds its way inside, realizes there are four walls around it, and starts whacking into walls and windows, trying to figure out how to get back outside. And fast.

No, this "bird" seemed rather content to be in an enclosed area.

Maybe it was something Alfred Hitchcock-like following the launch of my first video yesterday afternoon.

(Fade to black, cut to commercial -- please take a look at my debut video at

But ... I kinda peeked around to see if I could find it, then realized that the door to the upstairs -- where I live -- was open.

I bounded up the stairs to make sure it wasn't in my living quarters.

I flipped on lights everywhere, peaked around corners and behind curtains.

Thankfully, it was not upstairs.

So, there was probably a 5-10 minute window where whatever flew inside could have found its way back outside.

I hope so.

The dogs and I closed the basement door and didn't look back.

Until this morning.

And, while they were outside being dogs, I did take a look around for "it."

No telltale signs.

But, it was daybreak and there are lots of places that a b-b-bat could find to hide in an unfinished basement.

I'll look again tonight; when there are reinforcements available with two legs.

And, keep your fingers crossed that I just have bats in my belfry and not the other way around.

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