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Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1- Lisa's Musings From Every Day Life

March has come in like a lamb ... or something like that.

It looks really nice outside -- although I've yet in it to see for myself.

Monday's deadline day for Thursday's paper so unless there's a council meeting, or another important meeting, I've learned to stay here and write like the wind -- all the stories that I've put off the previous week that really need to get in this week's paper.

But I will get "the stink off soon" when I navigate the mud that's now my driveway, to get the mail, and again later, when I head to an Ann Arbor City Council meeting where a revised ordinance on cell phone use will be introduced and discussed.

There was supposed to be a public hearing tonight on this proposal, and I was mentally readying myself for a long night with people for and against the proposal eloquently, or not-so-eloquently -- telling the council their thoughts.

But, it's been postponed, so I guess the changes are considered major enough to kick the proposal back for a first reading.

The basic gist is anyone unauthorized to use a cell phone while driving (or riding a bike, this is Ann Arbor, after all) will be fined $125, or $300 if they have an accident while talking on it.

Emergency personnel are excluded, of course.

I'm all for this, of course, because I can't count the near-miss accidents I've lived through thanks to people driving while on their cell phones.

But, as I said, it's been postponed, so the council will need to find other ways to turn what looks like a rather innocuous agenda into a circus tonight.

Which, in my nine-month experience with this council, never fails to happen.

But, in March, hope springs eternal, so maybe there will be a good surprise in store for me tonight.

As I said, March has come in like a lamb, who knows how it will go out.

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