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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 21 -- Lisa's Musings From (Her Birthday) and Every Day Life

If you start a DAILY blog, even on your 52nd birthday, you don't want to let your readers down -- so you blog.

There have been lots of Facebook friends' birthday wishes, calls from friends and family and all that's been pretty cool but ... the best part about my birthday? It's one day a year that's mine to do whatever it is I feel like doing.

And, not feel guilty about it.

So, I've groomed plants and dogs and carpets.

And I've done a LOT of puttering. You know, doing stuff that pops into your head, and just doing it. Right then. Not putting it on a To Do List.

Take the linen closet, for instance. I opened it to grab clean sheets and pillowcases and, for the umpteenth time, the stuff hanging off the shelves fell to the floor.

But today, I didn't just shove it back in and quickly close the door.

I actually pulled everything out, tossed the linens I hate, kinda organized it, and found a few old hand towels and washcloths under all the other crap, which will go to the dog shows with me next weekend as "slobber clothes."

(My dog show readers will understand that term.)

I finally tossed 10-year-old throw rugs that had long ago lost their backing so they moved every time I step on them. So, before I fall because of them, they're gone.

I'm getting older, and don't bounce as well.

And, as is always the case when you start puttering -- one thing leads to another thing, which leads to another thing.

I did battle with dog hair and cobwebs. And WON.

I tossed out stuff that had been hanging around forever. Although I've tried to use it up and not be wasteful, there's a good reason why I've been unsuccessful in this goal. I hate the stuff.

So, instead of cluttering the shelves gathering (dog hair) and dust, and hiding other stuff that I might actually use -- it's gone.

The only down side of all this puttering is I'm running out of trash bags and don't feel like going to the store so ... I'm done.

For today, anyway.

I can do that today because it's my birthday and I can do whatever I feel like doing.

So, Happy Birthday to me.

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