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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb. 23 - Lisa's Musings from Every Day Life

I'm pleased to report my German ancestry ranks among the Top 10 Michigan ancestries according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

There was a cool graphic in Sunday's Detroit Free Press that broke down ancestries of Michiganders and it went something like this.

Topping the list was German with 2.27 million people, or 22.7 percent of people.

No. 2 was Irish with 1.21 million people or 12.1 percent.

No. 3 was English with 1.04 million or 10.4 percent.

No. 4 was Polish with .91 million people or 9.1 percent.

No. 5 was Dutch with .50 million people or 5.0 percent.

No. 6 was French, also with .50 million people or 5.0 percent.

Not sure why Dutch and French weren't tied for 5th, but I didn't put together this top 10 list.

No. 7 was Italian with .48 million or 4.8 percent.

No. 8 was American with .43 million or 4.3 percent. Humm.

No. 9 was Scottish with .24 million people or 2.4 percent.

No. 10 was Swedish at .17 million people or 1.7 percent.

So, in which group do you fit?

Oh, and one out of three Michigan residents reported multiple ancestries.

I'm not going to do the exact math here, but either everyone didn't mark this box on the 2008 census or the census is missing a boatload of Michigan residents.

I don't know what the current numbers are, but I thought this state had more than 10 million people.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong.

Math was never my strong suit.

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