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Monday, February 22, 2010

Jan. 22 - Lisa's Musings From Every Day Life

Not to belabor the birthday thing, but I got a pretty great belated gift from Mother Nature today.

Although it officially started snowing out here on my birthday; it didn't really get its mojo on until this morning.

Then it rocked and rolled.

And my dogs romped and rolled.

And I shoveled.

But this time around, I got smart and since it was really good packing snow, I made snowballs and tossed them. Then watched both dogs bound through a lot of inches of it, like, well, Tollers, retrieving snow.

During the last storm, I took out three yellow tennis balls and in about 15 minutes all three were buried under it, not to be found until the snow melted.

Which it did, so I was really hoping for a storm on the 21st -- one more good one before spring arrives.

What can I say, when you have a birthday in February, you hope for a snowy day, so you can really call it your own and enjoy it.

I admit it, I LOVE the snow, just like my dogs.

Especially when I don't have to drive anywhere in it. Like today.

In fact, it's a little after three and although my mail arrived, my driveway's plowed and the walkway is shoveled, I'm really glad I don't have to navigate my road tonight to cover a meeting.

So, thanks Mother Nature, you might have been a day late, but certainly not a dollar short.

Or something like that.

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