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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15 - Lisa's Musings (on being a rolling billboard) and Every Day Life

I'm about to become a rolling billboard for A2 Journal.

Not because anyone asked me to, but because I offered to do it.

I'm very proud of this weekly paper and want everyone who doesn't already get it to take notice. I want them to bookmark the Website and my blog and of course, read the printed product.

Oh yeah, and watch the videos I've begun shooting as well as the photos I take.

But not necessarily in that order.

I took a preliminary step in the moving advertising direction with a dashboard placard, but I'm not so sure a lot of people can actually see it.

So now that the winter's salt and salt are no longer plastered on the sides of my van, (yes, I got it washed today), I'm ready to apply those magnetic billboards and get rolling.

I'm hoping these maize-and-blue placards will also assist me in finding my minivan in crowded parking lots without having to look at the back bumper where I've placed decals for my two NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman.

There are a LOT of silver Dodge Caravans out there, believe me.

So, tonight, when you see a silver Caravan on the road en route to the Ann Arbor City Council meeting, check out the sides of it. If you see signs that say: "Ann Arbor Journal, It's All About You," that's me.

Feel free to wave.



Blogger Kasiler said...

The A2 "Queen Mobile"! How cool is that!

March 15, 2010 at 8:06 PM  

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