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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17 - Lisa's Musings (on green stuff) and Every Day Life

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I headed outside to find all things green.

Not much there yet but ... the Lamb's Ear has poked it's cute, little green, soft ears out and there's one little bunch of crocus in bloom.

And, although a bit cracked, my dog statute is still standing, er, downing for those of you who like dog-speak.

Under it are several dog's ashes and around which some of my dad's ashes were sprinkled.

I thought for sure that when the snow banks melted, the statue would be in many pieces.

So, note to self: Better clean up the leaves in the gardens. Soon.

And, throughout the yard.

I'd hoped that those leaves -- the ones I didn't deal with last fall -- would have blown, blown away by now.

They didn't.

So, I did a little test to see if the ground was solid enough to get the lawn tractor out to take care of them. Without leaving tractor ruts.

Yup, that was me who fired up the tractor this afternoon.

But it was a test. Only a test.

If this had been a real thing, I'd still be out there.

But I'm hoping that by next week, I can tool around -- before the grass under all those leaves fails to do it's early spring thing -- like turn green.

And before the weekly mowing ritual begins in earnest.

So, unlike NASCAR, which now thanks to Danica, commands both Ladies and Gentlemen to start your engines, I won't be doing it here.

At least not before the race this weekend.

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