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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 28 - Lisa's Musings (on teeth) and Every Day Life

Yikes ... tomorrow will forever be known in my life as a red letter day of a different sort.

I'm calling it "New Chomper's Day."

At 11 a.m., I will be in the dentist's chair saying goodbye to my old, rotted teeth and hello to my new fake ones. And hopefully, I will be totally unaware of the changing of the chomper's guard as I am hoping that I'll be happily in la-la land.

And be totally oblivious to the whole thing. Wake me up when it's all over.

Yup -- 52 years old and I will have top dentures. Not too sure how I feel about that but it's time and I can blame my dad for his part in my horrible, usually painful teeth.

He suffered from the same bad teeth syndrome.

So, I'm busying myself writing away today so I don't think too much about it. I'm covering a meeting tonight in Chelsea and plan to come home and write the stories, then take a modern pharmaceutical that will relax my mind and let me sleep through the night.

I've been having nightmares that include, but are not limited to, my new teeth landing in someones lap, talking and sounding like I have a serious speech impediment, and the dentures looking like something out of a bad Halloween costume.

Now, rationally, I know none of the above will happen, but ... it's hard to control a subconscious reaction to the unknown.

On the flip side, I'm excited for the chance to eat things like granola bars and steak and other crunchy and chewable foods that I've avoided for so many years.

I hope to blog tomorrow about the experience, but that depends on how I feel.

So forgive me if I miss blogging for the first time since I started this adventure more than 360-some blogs ago.

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