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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept. 27 - Lisa's Musings (on Monarch Butterflies) and Every Day Life

There was a great story in Sunday's Detroit Free Press (via The Grand Rapids Press) about a family in Jenison, Mich., who have made a business out of raising Monarch Butterflies.

I want to do that. How hard could raising butterflies be? Although I'm not quite sure how much it would cost to feed them.

OK, so the story says the family spent 3-4 hours a day "cleaning out caterpillar pens, watering plants and (maintaining) the nectar stations," in July and August. This must be peak butterfly season.

I admit, I don't know jack about butterflies -- other than they're pretty.

The Ward family raised the monarchs from egg to butterfly and even found a pair of white monarchs in the bunch. Apparently, the white ones are super rare.

So, how do you think they know which ones are the girls and which ones are the boys? Maybe their markings give them away?

Ever since that butterfly landed on me when I was having such a rotten day, I've been a big fan of these bright orange and black butterflies.

How cool would it to raise some of my own in the backyard?



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