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Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb. 8 -- Lisa's Musings (on color) and Every Day Life

If you really want to look bad, I highly recommend taking photos of yourself before 8:30 a.m. on a Monday morning.

And, of course, take them from a really bad angle so your neck looks like it belongs on an the long-horned cow from last night's Budweiser commercial, which was MY favorite, by the day.

As you can see.

But the point of these horrible photos is the color of the pullover shirt I'm wearing. It's yellow. Well, kind of a green yellow. Or maybe a mustard color, but not really.

And it changes colors before my very eyes.

I bought it from a catalog and it's NOT the color I expected, but it's bright and everyone who knows me, knows I love bright colors.

The problem is, this color doesn't belong in nature. It doesn't go with ANYTHING in my closet and I have lots of bright colors hanging in my closet.

I've had it since December, and I've tried to wear it a number of times but the color mystifies (and horrifies) me.

If I put it with white underneath, it still doesn't go with anything, unless, of course I wore white pants and that's not going to happen.

If I wear it with black, it looks like well, I wore black and added this shirt to be bright and cheerful. It still doesn't work.

Ditto brown or navy blue or green or any base color I've tried.

Nothing works.

Not even these photos which fail to show this yellow in its true shade.

Until today.

As I scanned the closet trying to decide what to wear this morning, there was this shirt. It called to me ... again.

I tried to ignore it, I have assignments to cover today.

But it kept calling.

So I looked AGAIN for something to wear with it.

And there, hiding on the top shelf of the closet was this bright wool scarf.

It has greens and purples and reds and oranges and yellows.

And when I pulled it down off the shelf, I knew.

See Tim Gunn, I DID made it work!

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