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Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb. 5 - Lisa's Musings (on a first birthday and) From Every Day Life

Today is my puppy's first birthday.

I put it up on Facebook and got several comments, he got a birthday phone call from a human friend and his breeder wished him a happy day, too.

So, what did my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy, Driver, aka Redwyn's Hard Drive, do on his birthday? Pretty much the same thing he does every day.

He barked at squirrels in the birdfeeder.

He romped and leaped (tolled) in the fenced-in dog yard. Bouncing like Tigger through what's left of the snow, tossing a toy in the air and catching it.

He harassed his older brother, enticing him to play tag.

He watched at the window when I left to cover stories today, and was there, feet on the windowsill, when I returned.

He yarped at the door when I took too long gathering my purse and notebook and camera (and mail) before heading inside.

He watched me eat a salad, ever hopeful that I'd either drop some on the floor or that I'd give him some.(Both happened, but that's nothing birthday related.)

And when I'm done with this post, he'll get his gift. I big raw meaty lamb bone from a local sheep breeder I bought at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market a few weeks ago.

I got two bones, actually, because even though it's Driver's birthday, big brother Ryan doesn't know that, and he'd feel left out if he didn't get anything.

Or, he'd probably take it away from Driver, because that's what big dog brother's do. Especially when it comes to food.

Ryan's third birthday is in April, so there will be more special bones then, too.

And neither dog will be the wiser as to the reason for the bones.

To a dog, a birthday is just another day.

But raw meaty bones are a cause for celebration.

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