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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec. 29 - Lisa's Musings on Every Day Life

My eye started twitching the moment my feet hit the wood floor this morning.

I knew today was going to be a stressful one, but I didn't expect such an immediate reaction.

No, I didn't have a doctor's or dentist's appointment, this was even worse -- my laptop had an appointment with an IT guru for repairs.

Every time I've had work done on one of my computers, it's ended badly. No matter how well-intentioned or knowledgeable the person appeared to be.

And when a computer is the life blood of what pays the mortgage and feeds the dogs, allowing someone else's paws to mess with its innards, is very, very scary.

I'd planned to just get a new laptop -- but after interviewing the owner of a new business called Core Components on Washtenaw, I liked the guy, and decided to let him hunt for a new one for me and in the meantime, have him repair this one.

I'm pretty tough on a keyboard and most of the letters were illegible, plus, I'd totaled the touch pad.

Despite trying and hating three popular antivirus programs, the owner of Core Components introduced me to a new one I'd never heard of -- it's called ESET NOD32.

When he sang its praises, I decided along with the repairs, I'd give it a try.

He cleaned out all those stupid programs that come in the computer and that no one ever uses, and added some memory as well.

I couldn't watch as he worked, so I headed up the road to the Arborland Borders (again -- see previous blogs on Dec. 24-25), eye twitching all day.

It didn't stop on the way home, either.

I held my breath as I plugged her back in and VROOOMMMM -- the difference was amazing.

Everything worked, and it's like I have a brand new laptop. Maybe I don't need a new one, after all.

And miracle of miracles, as soon as I discovered that the laptop worked even better than it had this morning, I realized that my eye stopped twitching as mysteriously as it began.

Amazing how stress manifests itself, huh?

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