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Friday, April 6, 2012

University of Michigan the 13th-most buzzed about university and college on the Internet

The University of Michigan is quite the attention-grabber on the Internet.

In a recent study, U-M ranked No. 13 in the list of most buzzed-about colleges and universities on the Internet, according to this Mashable article.

U-M ranked ahead of such schools Princeton, Duke, Georgia Tech, and (most importantly) Ohio State University. It ranked below schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, UCLA and the No. 1 most-buzzed about school, MIT (??).

What was the measuring stick? The Global Language Monitor used several ways of gauging the buzz around U-M, including blog and social media posts and several thousand media outlets.

Here's betting we can pin a lot of buzz on the Wolverines' football team making a splash into the BCS last year, as well as the buzz around Brady Hoke.

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