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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gizmodo recognizes Ann Arbor for marijuana, not tech innovation

How does Ann Arbor get mentioned on major gadget-tech-random site Gizmodo?

You'd think it was for some new innovation launched at U-M, or a product or service developed by the engineer at Google's Ann Arbor headquarters.

No, it took a pot bust at the Meijer on Carpenter Road for mention on the site. This tweet from Giz, the site famous for discovering the iPhone 4 before it was officially launched, says it all:

From the post on the website's Stoner Channel," it links to a write-up from The Consumerist, saying:
Ann Arbor Police were summoned to a Meijer supermarket in the wee hours of Tuesday after a store employee unwittingly discovered a 70-plant hydroponic operation in a nail salon operating within the supermarket. 
Obviously, there's one small error: Pittsfield Township police, not AAPD, were summoned.



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