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Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, Lisa's Musings (on blooms) and Every Day Life

I feel kinda bad about knocking Daniel's blog about security at U-M --pre-the president's visit tomorrow -- out of the top box with this one.

Especially since it's his first post on the A2 Journal site, and he's covering the president's visit, and he'll be up early (as will I), and he'll have a very busy day with the president in town.

Meanwhile, I'll be having fun at a dog show.

So yeah, I feel kinda bad, but, not that bad.

Sorry Daniel.

My blog is daily and hopefully my readers are expecting me to write something pithy, or funny, or aw-shucksy.

Rarely "real news'y."

So, I must keep up appearances.

Besides, which is more important to you -- seeing photos of my beautiful trees or one more story about the president's visit?

Don't answer that ... it's because Daniel and Jana are covering the president's visit tomorrow that I CAN take the weekend off and show my dog; while they're working like dogs.

(Thank you Daniel and Jana)

So, on with the show.

Spring has sprung on my property and many of my flowering trees have exploded in color.

The white ones – I think they are crab apples – seem to be overachievers; while the pink ones, also crab apples, are slackers.

The forsythia fall somewhere in the middle; but their flowers are pretty, too.

Next up are my lilac, but I have the late blooming ones – and I’m a little concerned because they got confused this winter and bloomed in like December, so I hope they didn’t shoot their flowering bursts for this year already.

I'll keep you posted.

And, for the first time since I’ve had my new baby (camera), I decided to capture these blooms in all their gorgeous petal-ed splendor.

That’s before the predicted rains come tomorrow and knock all the flower pedals off their branches, blanketing the ground -- and littering my house when they stick to the dog’s feet.

Drenching Daniel and Jana, who will be outside in The Big House; while I'll be warm and dry inside, showing my dog.

But I will have to get a little wet, that's if it's raining in Buchanan, while taking him outside to potty.

Only, he's a boy dog, so he'll pee on anything, and usually on something close to the building.

So, for today, I can ooh and aah at the presents that Mother Nature has given me.

No need for a card or a bow.

(Did I say thank you for covering the president tomorrow Daniel and Jana?)

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