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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 - Lisa's Musings on (All *You) and Every Day Life

I decided to try something new.

After I was sent a letter from a non-profit group offering magazines at a discounted rate, I bit.

The offer said I could pick four magazines for a varying number of issues depending on the title for $40.

And, the non-profit got a donation to boot.

Since I'm very familiar with trying to up the ante on magazine circulation numbers since I'm the editor of I Love Cats magazine, I decided to help sister publications.

Or, maybe they're cousins? I'm not very good at this family tree stuff.

As I perused the list, I found the one pictured above, thought the title sounded kind of interesting and gave it a nod.

Well, my first issue of all*you came last week, and I recently had a chance to flip through it.

It's like USA Today - only better.

It's fun and colorful and there are all sorts of informational snippets.

In fact, every page that doesn't have an ad -- and some that do -- are filled with terrific tidbits.

There are all kinds of coupons and great suggestions.

Each page is like an Easter basket full of treasures that can be quickly nibbled.

Fresh and hip, all*you is just what busy women need in this hectic-paced world we find ourselves trying to navigate.

Readers don't have to flip a page to get to the end of a Mac-story nugget.

It's crisp and concise, easily consumed in snack-sized portions.

I can't wait to try frozen banana 'custard' with warm chocolate sauce and mini frittatas -- both recipes look really good with costs per serving of 78 cents and $1.74 respectively.

How DO they figure out these things, anyway?

Your self, Your health, Your world, Your home.

My kind of magazine.

And that's no April Fool's joke.

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