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Friday, September 25, 2009

My Night As A Queen

During the last 10 or so years I'm sure I've covered more community and 4-H fairs than any other journalist in the county.
Each year, I've been on the "fair beat" and, truth be told, I've enjoyed every one.
At the end of fair season, I'd proclaim to my editors that I deserved a crown as queen of fair coverage.
I never got one.
That is ... until this year.
And it didn't come from an editor, rather from the Washtenaw County Farm Bureau.
Along with naming me its Ag Communicator of the year Thursday night, I was surprised (REALLY, REALLY surprised) to receive my very own tiara AND matching sash with Ag Communicator '09 written on it in silver glitter!
And not only did I wear both all night during the annual meeting, but also all the way home. You should have seen the doubletakes from other drivers.
The plaque was beautiful, but the tiara and sash, they are priceless.
There are a precious few moments in life that one remembers forever. This is one of them.
I was fair queen for a night and it was a dream come true.



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