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Saturday, August 15, 2009

John Hansen and the AA Chamber

I'm excited for the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce.
The board could not have chosen a better interim leader than John Hansen.
He and I go way back to his days as a state rep when I was invited to "Spend a Day with John" in Lansing.
I was honored to have the opportunity to see him in action on the floor, then follow him around socially from gathering to gathering when the work day was done.
I came home from Lansing with a bird's eye view of state government at work ... and at play.
I covered his work as the interim city manager in Scio Township and then in Chelsea and in both cases, he was able to step in, steer these ships through some choppy waters, and assist these municipalities as they chose new full-time managers.
John has a knack for stepping into a position and in a very short time, fully assessing its strengths and weaknesses, then coming up with a plan to make an organization's best attributes better and in doing so, fix its problems.
He delights in a challenge and the chamber made a great move when they hired him to look at how it does business and assist them as they search for a new full-time leader.
Ann Arbor is such an incredible city loaded with terrific businesses and business people. I know Hansen will offer the board different ways to look at its assets and make the organization a stronger and more vibrant group as it moves into the future.


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