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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Fun Friday in A2

Friday was full of fun in Ann Arbor. Reporter Lisa Allmendinger and I started our afternoon at Cafe Felix for a delicious lunch. I told her it was known for its fruity martinis, but that was a no-no for us since it was a working lunch. I had a grilled salmon sandwich and she went with a cheeseburger. As we enjoyed our lunch and passed out a few copies of the A2 Journal, our very first edition, Main Street started filling up with some gorgeous cars, from Porches to vintage vehicles from the early 1900s to 1970s, as part of the Rolling Sculpture Car Show.

We interviewed Dexter resident Dean DeGalan as he polished his 2000 Dodge Viper and enjoyed a long talk with retired Ann Arbor police officer George Patak, who had a vintage Detroit police vehicle, a station wagon that used to serve as an ambulance, as well. Check out our videos on MIcentral, as well as our Facebook page.

Then it was off to the An Arbor Jaycees' Carnival. We had a blast talking with Dan Saimes, management director of the Jaycees, who we also have on video, and met lots of people who just love Ann Arbor. Misty Elliott and her son, Seven, and daughter, Veronika, were at the carnival and said they enjoy the cultural diversity that the city offers.

After speaking to Michelle Strobel, owner of Moo to You petting farm, which was set up for the first time as part of the carnival, it was back to the office for me.

I enjoyed my escape from The Saline Reporter building. It was a wonderful afternoon in Ann Arbor for someone who is used to spending her evenings in downtown A2 at the many fine restaurants. Afternoon is just as much fun, minus the cocktails.

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